The Parish of the Good Shepherd, Cox Green was established in 1978 to serve the spiritual needs of the fast-growing community of Cox Green.

The original church was a Nineteenth century chapel in Cox Green Lane - next door to the Post Office and just across the road from the Victory Hall which had been built to celebrate the end of the First World war.

By the early 1970s, it was evident that the old building, sadly, was neither large enough nor solid enough to accommodate the growing population. Revd. David Cawte and his wife Judy, were among the originators of the novel idea of joining forces with the Education Authority and the newly-formed Community Association to develop a Centre which was the 'church' and also a Community Centre. The idea was very unusual in the '70s. David and his colleagues in the Community and the Education/Community Services Departments had to work out the Constitution and ways of operating this most unusual Centre "from scratch".

From the start, the Church of the Good Shepherd was, therefore, committed to the acceptance of new ideas, and to direct involvement in the life of Cox Green. We are still very involved in the community in all sorts of ways and we are not afraid of change.