Considering having your baby Christened?

Congratulations! You’ve had a baby and want to celebrate and thank God.  Your child is precious to you and to God.

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderful event.  We all want the best for our children; for them to grow up with love, care and security.  Many of us want to express our feelings of joy by saying thank-you to God for the new life that has been given to us.

What is a Christening?

A Christening (or baptism as it also known) marks the beginning of being a Christian.  It is a service of initiation and welcome for new members of the Church.  During the christening service your baby or child will be baptised with water.  You are asked to make declarations about your beliefs and a commitment to the Christian faith.  When the new Christian is a baby, it is the parents and godparents who are asked to make promises on behalf of the baby.

Think of a Christening as the very first step of a journey.  You can help your child to go further on this journey by coming to church as a family, encouraging him/her to pray, and helping him/her to understand more about God.

Christenings at the Good Shepherd usually take place in our 10am Service when we can welcome those who have been baptised into our church family. However, if you have a large number of guests coming or there are people travelling a long distance, you may prefer having the service around lunchtime or in the afternoon. 

Thanksgiving Service.

While you are considering the question of having your child Christened you may well feel that you would like to say thank-you to God for the gift of your son/daughter at a Service of Thanksgiving  which, like a Christening, also takes place during the morning service.   This service is also suitable if you feel that, at the moment, you could not commit yourselves to the promises made at a Christening. It still leaves you free to arrange a Christening at a later date if you wish.

Whatever you decide, it is hoped that you and your child/ren will feel at home amongst the family of your local church. 

Adult baptism and confirmation

Courses are run regularly for those wanting to learn more about the Christian faith. Adults considering baptism or confirmation (for those who have already been baptised) are usually invited to take part.  Those who wish can then go on to be baptised and/or confirmed by the Bishop at a special service.

To make enquiries about Thanksgiving, Christening, Confirmation, or to find out more about your local church, please contact the Revd Joan Hicks.  The Pastoral Office at the Community Centre is open on weekdays (except Monday) 10.00 am to 12 noon

(( 01628 632567), or ask after church on a Sunday morning.

You can also contact us by email.

To find out more about Christenings, Thanksgiving Services and Confirmation,  visit the Church of England website: – click on ‘Life Events’ on the home page.  Alternatively, visit the Oxford diocesan website: