Pilgrim Course







We have studied several of the Pilgrim courses at The Good Shepherd.

Pilgrim has been written by:

Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford (our former Area Bishop)
Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield
Paula Gooder, leading New Testament writer and lecturer
and Robert Atwell, Bishop of Stockport

The courses aim to help people to explore and grow in the Christian faith.


The first of the Pilgrim courses is 'Turning to Christ':

This is really a Christian basics course, suitable for those who wish to explore the Christian faith, to prepare for Baptism and/or Confirmation, or simply to do a ‘refresher’ course. This course uses the baptism promises as a focus for learning about the Christian faith. It is also the course we use for anyone wishing to be confirmed. There are additional sessions on The Church, The Bible, Prayer and Holy Communion. 

Each session has a similar structure, including time for worship, time to chat, CD and DVD input for each session, an opportunity to reflect on a Bible reading, and some questions to explore together.


We have run other Pilgrim courses too and plan to run more.  Whether or not you are a regular worshipper with us, we would love you to join us.


Please contact the Church Office on: 01628-632567 or email for more information or download our registration form to complete and return to us.

You can find out more about Pilgrim on the Pilgrim course website: www.pilgrimcourse.org