Emmaus Programme


Part 1:                           What Christians Believe         

Session 1                                God is there and He matters                      

Session 2                                We need God in our lives                 

Session 3                                The ministry of Jesus                      

Session 4                                The death of Jesus                          

Session 5                                The resurrection of Jesus              

Session 6                                The Holy Spirit                                 

Session 7                                 Being a Christian                    


Part 2:                           How Christians Grow   

                                              (for those wishing to go further, or considering Confirmation)

Session 8                               Learning to Pray                  

Session 9                               Reading the Bible   

Session 10                             Belonging to the Church

Session 11                             Sharing Holy Communion   

Session 12                             Thinking about Confirmation

If you are interested in taking part in an Emmaus course,

please contact the Church Office on 01628-632567,

or complete the registration form and email to us.