Charities Group  

In 2019, £536.45 was donated to CMS Guatemala from the Lent Appeal and the retiring collection taken when Mark and Rosalie came to visit.£408.38 was donated to Thames Hospice from two coffee mornings.

During the year a further £700 was raised and allocated as follows:

£200  Thames Hospice -
£200  CMS Guatemala -
£75  Little Princess Trust -
£75  Shelter Box -
£75  Embrace the Middle East -
£75  Barnabas Fund -



Christmas Giving 2018

Many thanks to everyone who gave so generously over the Christmas period.  Our giving over Christmas raised the following amounts:

ChristingleService Collection for

Total donated:  £184.21
of which £127.43 was Gift Aided.


Carol Service Collection for

Total donated:  £309.86
of which £173.70 was Gift Aided.


Crib Service Collection for

Total donated:  £50.97
of which £26.50 was Gift Aided.


Christmas Greetings Donations for

Total donated:  £100.00


During Lent 2017 we supported our Mission Partners, Mark and Rosalie Balfour, who are working through CMS in Guatemala.  

In Lent 2016 we supported the work of the charity 'Us.'  On Sunday 7 February Emma Kevan from the charity came to tell us about their work.

There are also weekly updates on the refugee crisis in Europe

You can sign up for a monthly email about the work of 'Us.' around the world.

Resources available in the Church Office include a Lent Prayer Diary, Newsletter, collecting boxes and Gift Aid envelopes.  Please do support this charity udring Lent and help 'Us.' to make a difference.


Charities we supported in 2016

Our two main charities for were CMS, in support of Mark and Rosalie Balfour's mission in Guatamela, and the Air Ambulance.  £300 was donated to each of these charities.  We supported other charities with gifts of £100: Cancer Research, Mission to Seafarers, Larchfield Open Tables, Maidenhead Homeless Shelter and GAIN (a charity supporting sufferers of Guillain-Barre syndrome and other associated inflammatory neuropathies)


Charities we supported in 2015

At a recent meeting it was agreed to make the following donations from the funds raised in 2015.

  £300 to “Mission Aviation Fellowship”
  £300 to “Church Urban Fund”
  £100 to “Barnabas Fund”
  £100 to “Scoliosis Association”
*£100 to “CMS in support of Mark and Rosalie Balfour mission in Guatemala”
   £50  to “Maidenhead Night Shelter”