Why Easyfundraising?

A message from the Vicar....


Do you ever shop on-line…?

If you do, did you know you can help raise funds for your favourite charities, or for our church.  As you will know we are facing a potential deficit this year of over £6,000.  This is a very worrying situation, and our Finance group and the PCC have been looking at ways both to increase income and reduce expenditure.  This is just one way you can help us, at no extra cost to you!

Sign up at easyfundraising.org.uk (see the 'Using Easyfundraising' page for more details and some handy tips and hints).  It is very easy – I have managed it!  You will find our church on the list of charities and causes you may want to support. Once you have registered and stated the church or charity you would like to support, that charity will receive donations every time you shop online.  You just need to go to easyfundraising.org.uk and find the link to the shop you want.  Those of you who do your grocery shop on-line will find you can do it going through the easyfundraising website.  Most retailers are registered with the site.

If you are changing gas/electricity, telecoms, insurance providers etc, doing it through this website will benefit your chosen charity.  There is often a donation of around £20-25 in these circumstances.  You can also gift-aid the donation if you are a tax payer.  Every time you check out you will collect a free donation for our church, or your chosen charity, and it won’t cost you a penny extra.  You just need to remember to go through easy fundraising.org.uk

Please consider helping our church if you are not already supporting a favourite charity through this website. Thank you.

Joan H.