Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is on Sunday 1st October 2017.  We warmly invite you to join us for our Harvest celebrations!

We have two services that day:

10am      Harvest Festival Service for all ages
6pm       Harvest Songs of Praise

Please do stay and chat over tea, coffee and homemade cakes after both services.


This year our Harvest collections will be given to Ethiopiaid.  This charity raises funds for trusted community partners in Ethiopia, working with local people, valued for their expertise, honesty and ambition.  One such partner is Hope Entreprises which feeds and schools thousands of street children who are living in doorways, bus stations, and makeshift shelters. Their ‘Ladders of Hope’ programme starts with the street children's breakfast.  Six days a week, 850 homeless children attend Hope Enterprise’s breakfast, where they receive two bread rolls, milk and a banana. The breakfast is an incentive to attend the informal literacy and numeracy classes that are held afterwards. By removing the constant pressure of finding money for food, the children are given time to learn so that they can progress to primary and secondary education. The Ladders of Hope programme helps children and young people in Addis Ababa work themselves out of poverty. 


If you have never been to The Good Shepherd – why not come along and find out what your local church has to offer?  If you have not been for a while – come and renew old friendships!  We would love you to join us for Harvest.